Best Foodie wallpapers for your pc's.

Nature's finest color are from fruits and vegetables.They are not only delicious but very attractive too.The below pictures are some of the world's finest wallpapers.I hope you will like it.

Fashion Photography....Best Defined through these Pictures.

Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Allure.

Devadasi - an Ancient Evil...........

Traditionally the young devadasi underwent a ceremony of dedication to the deity of the local temple which resembled in its ritual structure the upper caste Tamil marriage ceremony.

Macro Photography-best Represented through Insects.

Macro photography is one of the most attractive ,amazing ,exciting and popular forms of photography.Macro photography opens up the doors of a new and unique world. It captures minute details of the subjects – The world of macro photography holds many delights and is an area that cannot be appreciated with the human naked eye.

15 Amazing Creativity on Foods.

Have you ever imagined that,the normal fruits and vegetables that we have everyday in our day to day life can be used to create some unique and awesome creations,which is so funny as well as interesting .You can't imagine unless you check it yourself.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Awesome Collection of Wine Glasses for this Festive Season.

New Year is knocking our door and everyone is thinking about partying with friends and family.We best celebrate our parties with a drink and if i am right Wine suits all.Wine brings smile,joy, pleasure and happiness on everyone`s face.It is best served among all the age groups.Festivals and Celebrations seems incomplete without a glass of wine.Wine glasses, exemplifies taste and complements the way wine is being served. As wine flows into wine glasses, true look, aroma and flavor of wine is revealed, its color and texture shines, sparkles and enhances beauty of wine, thus driving everyone crazy.

In today`s fashionable world, wine glasses are a hot rage and are hitting global markets with its immense presence, making them quite popular and trendy as no other glasses seems to provide same exquisite and refined touch as wine glasses does. It makes drinking more enjoyable and creates a fun and frolic atmosphere.Ladies also love it as it is best for their health as well as skin.

I am presenting you an awesome collection of Wine glasses for your parties....which I have collected from the web today only.
Have a look on this and don't forget to share your valuable opinions..........

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Effects of Winter in Newdelhi.

Winter is playing havoc in the capital of India(New Delhi).Delhi winter is so cruel,the price of fruits and vegetables have become so high especially (Onion-Rs 80 per Kg.)that common man is happy with pulses(dal),so many accidents happening due to fog.Yeh ,we all know that Winter is the sexiest season but as winter can't fill our stomach,we have to think about the food also.Still we love winter,taking bath in winter.............cold water........early morning difficult to leave the warm bed...making breakfasts.............impossible(making kichdi,namkin rice etc etc).Eating gajar Halwa with the whole family is the sweetest feeling and many more.......You enjoy the winter with the same........

ONION PRICE-Rs 80 per Kg.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Food Photography............

The process of food photography begins with the purchase of the food and ingredients. Because only the most visually perfect foodstuffs are acceptable and multiple backup or test items are usually needed, this is a very time-consuming process.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Most Beautiful Creations of the God - Butterflies