Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photo Manipulation - Using of colors at its Best.

Photo manipulation is an evolution in the industry of photography and graphic design,it is the best collaboration between photography and graphic design.It is not only the artists credit who have come from the background of painting, but also many other like fashion and glamour photographers, who are in search of perfect or near perfect pictures abd only because of this something called photo manipulation comes in existence. The Fashion and Glamour industries are extensively using this technique of photo manipulation to their advantage. Any imperfections whatsoever, are smoothed out using different photo manipulation techniques.Today i was wondering in the internet for this interesting topic and found some breathtaking photos to share with everyone.The uniqueness of the colors used in these photos are awesome,These are the best artistic creation of the graphic designers.


Amazingly selected all the fabulous shades of life. Perhaps Our life can be so colorful...

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