Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amazing Bottle Cap Art worth watching.

Everyone is fond of drinks and they throw away the bottle caps.They are unaware of the bottle art that can be made using the wastage.Bottle caps are given a new life as part of gorgeous and surprisingly functional works of art.Be a part of this.

bottlecap flowers
bottlecap ear rings

Union jack

bottle cap dress

bottlecap bag

bottlecap wrist band

bottlecap statue
bottlecap skull

bottle cap keyring

bottlecap basket

bottlecap table

bottlecap necklace


bottlecap face art

bottlecap mosaic

bottlecap necklace

bottlecap fishart

bottlecap pendants

bottlecap chair

bottlecap face

bottlecap cartoon

bottlecap keyring

bottlecap leaf

bottlecap necklace

bottlecap bag

bottlecap chair and table

bottlecap necklace


Todas as suas idéias fazem com que pensamos;"Como jogamos dinheiro fora todos os dias!"Que bom que existem pessoas como vc!Parabéns!Agora já sei o que fazer com muitas "caricas" que eu tinha guardado!

Your all the examples of art and craft and wonderful. You have shown awesome use of bottle caps.

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